Information for UK-based patients who have been prescribed RYBELSUS®

How RYBELSUS® works

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your body does not make enough insulin, and the insulin that your body makes does not lower your blood sugar the way it should. The result is a high level of glucose in the blood

The active substance in RYBELSUS®, semaglutide, is a ‘GLP-1 receptor agonist’. It acts in the same way as GLP-1 (a hormone produced in the gut) by increasing the amount of insulin that the pancreas releases in response to food. This can help with the control of blood glucose levels

RYBELSUS®could help you gain better control of your blood sugar and reach your HbA1c goal

The term HbA1c refers to glycated haemoglobin. It develops when haemoglobin, a protein within red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, joins with glucose in the blood, becoming ‘glycated’

HbA1c measurement gives an overall picture of what our average blood sugar levels have been over a period of weeks or months. As part of your type 2 diabetes management, you have been prescribed RYBELSUS® to help you gain better control of your blood sugar levels by lowering your blood sugar to help you reach your HbA1c goal

Blood sugar

Lowering blood sugar to help reach your HbA1c goal

Possible side effects

Read more about possible side effects

Dosing plan

Take your dose as prescribed by your doctor

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