Information for UK-based patients who have been prescribed RYBELSUS®

RYBELSUS® dosing plan

Take your dose as prescribed by your doctor

  • RYBELSUS® is available in three doses, in three different coloured blister packs

  • The 3 mg, 7 mg and 14 mg tablets are available in pack sizes of 30

  • Your doctor will prescribe the strength that is right for you. Do not change your dose unless your doctor has told you to do so

Starting dose


3 mg

Start with 3 mg once daily for one month

Maintenance doses


7 mg

Increase dose to 7 mg once daily for at least one month

14 mg

Based on your individual needs, your doctor may increase your dose to 14 mg once daily

Possible side effects

Read more about possible side effects


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UK21RYB00235 | November 2021